Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bacon and Felines

For anyone who follows my Twitter or Facebook updates, you are well aware of my recent obsession with bacon. If you didn't, well, um, now you know! So, about a year ago I realized I actually LIKE bacon! Before I really couldn't stand it. Often it is limp and chewy or over cooked and crunchy. I discovered baking the bacon (400 degrees, 9-10 minutes) and the joy that is crisp bacon. Neither limp nor crunchy. Also, I love the crispy, fatty bacon. Do not judge.

The bacon is perfectly paired with a lovely almond latte. Something I can make for myself at home with my handy "Barista" machine I got while still working at Starbucks. (sorry for the bad pic) I have been getting into the groove of using my machine more lately but only for myself. Because, to be honest, making more than one hot latte is kind of a pain in the butt!

Also, remember that mouse update I gave a few weeks ago? Uh, yeah......

Hopefully we got THAT problem taken care of! This is Jones. She came to us a few weeks ago. My Uncle Steve was running on the dirt roads by my grandma's house and passed a shoe box with her inside. Now I know I have mentioned we live in the boon-docks (about 5 minutes from Gram's house) and I should be used to animal dumping. But I never am. She was so tiny, maybe 4 weeks old, dehydrated and famished. So after some discussion with Dustin (including pleading, begging and bargaining) I got a kitten.

She is pretty amazing. She only had a few small accidents within the first week but now is fully litter box trained. The first night she was here, she began forging relationships with each of us, including Jesse and Brea. And, undoubtedly, I am "Mommy". She tests my limits, respects my authority most and comes to me when she needs a good cuddle or nap. Also, I am the main feeder/waterer/litter scooper. So, you know, I do all the mommy things.

However, 9:30 at night seems to be her bewitching hour and man-oh-man is that cat CRAZY. Biting, clawing, racing around, growling and generally being wild. Dustin thinks it is great fun, when we aren't watching a movie!

And to answer to unspoken question: Her name is Jones because we have an Alien theme. Ripley is our dog (the heroine of the movie) and Jones is her cat. Ripley and Jones are the only ones that survive at the end of the movie. For those who think I am crazy to name my female cat something sort of masculine, take heart. We normally call her Jonesie.