Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm coming Home

I'm coming Home
Tell the world I'm coming Home

I've got this song rolling around in my head, today, for obvious reasons. It is making me really thinky (the smoke alarms went off twice) and I feel I the need to get it out of my brain. An explanation for me and for anyone who cares.

Our decision to leave our Home was probably the hardest we've ever made. And I am glad we did! Our time in San Antonio has been epic. And not like, "OMG this hot dog is EPIC!!" but like, for real. Off the chart experiences that will define our family, forever.

In the leaving of our Home we had to harden ourselves a bit. Detach from the dream that was. Release it and allow it for others. So we came to the point where our new dream was so huge, so EPIC, so incredible!!! that we didn't want to return. Because we feared the loss of this new dream.

But still, we left a lot.

And it was really hard. And a part of us was always remembering, always longing for Home.

But you know, we were betting on the probability not the possibility that we could have both dreams. And funny, we Solomons don't seem to live in the world of the impossible.

So here we are, two dreams smashing into each other with awesome power and speed. And a little trepidation. This is huge. Can we do TWO major dreams?

So, if you ask if I am so happy to be back and I seem unsure, now you know. When Dustin says he will miss the "culture" of San Antonio, he is saying he will miss the simplicity of just one dream (okay, AND the culture). And we might complain that the store is, once again, 25 minutes away and a Walmart.

But it doesn't matter.

Because I'm coming Home.