Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My hero

For Christmas my in-laws gave us a Wii and the Fit. Also for Christmas, my parents gave us Guitar Hero World Tour, with 2 guitars. Their family (which still houses all four of my siblings, ages 7-20) received GHWT with all the bits. You know, microphone, drums and both guitars. Needless to say, it was one of the most fun Christmas days ever!

My son, 7 years old, was unsure about the whole thing. He is so self conscious about everything that it has taken Dustin and I YEARS to get him to stop racing from the room, in tears, from embarrassment. So, getting him to participate in the GH festivities was a time consuming process. He started with the drums. Then tried a guitar. But really, he was so frustrated at his inabilities that he refused to play more, until he could practice at home. So, in desperation, I tried the last bit. The microphone. But he was hesitant, so I said I would sing with him. The boys (because, in my family there are a lot of them) chose Linkin Park's song, What I've Done.

A side note: You know how I said I was nerdy? Well, my whole family is, meaning husband, son and daughter. We love movies and specifically superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, action. So this song? Yeah, it is THE closing song for Transformers (which if you have not seen, you should do so before you do anything else, ever). My whole family loves Transformers. But my son LOVES Transformers.

So the music comes on, and he goes all, "Hey, I know this song....." As the lyrics come across the screen, I begin to sing into the microphone he is holding. He starts to warm up to it. Reads the words (OMG!! He is reading the words without trouble!!!!) and then, suddenly, with the crescendo of the chorus, goes all rock star on me! He is totally belting out the words, head banging and adding dance moves during the guitar solo, hogging the mic! RAD!

My grandma, who was watching the whole thing called me over to tell me how proud of him she was. That she knows he is unsure of himself but that she is so happy we work hard to pull him out of his shell.

And wouldn't you know it? He kept on trying other instruments for the rest of the evening.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Oh yeah.....

My son got the hankering, after breakfast this morning, to draw a picture.
See it says Nice But (because he is 7 and doesn't know it has two t's yet). This is his title. How classy!
What is that? Why yes, in fact those ARE hairs!
This is a very proud day for me.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Like being vaccinated but BETTER

Ring Around the Rosy
as sung by Brea (AKA Girl)

Ring around the Rosy
a poppet dull da dosey
Run around in a circle
Everyone falls down!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They are onto me

My children know me all too well. Today my daughter clomped over to me, wearing an "evening" gown and clear, plastic dress up heels. She laid her head on my lap and begged for lunch. Poor starving girl! Of course I will feed you, child who ate less than 3 hours ago!

The following is what occurred:

Me (internal dialogue): Lunch, okay, to the fridge for the cheese..and...oh, hey! My white board is empty. Isn't there something that belongs on there? Sure, yeah, gallon sized baggies. Oh, and I forgot to write down the dinner plans for each day this week. I can just do that now! I love the way this pen writes. Don't I have a bunch of other colors, somewhere? Okay, so quiche for Thursday, but oh, no wait, we changed our plans, so we will have to change it out with Friday and then, oh shoot, what are we doing for the weekend? Oh right we have that party, so we will all be doing THAT........

Girl: "Mom? Moooooom?? MOM!!! No! I. WANT. LUNCH."

Two years old and this girl already knows her mom is easily lost.