Tuesday, January 6, 2009

They are onto me

My children know me all too well. Today my daughter clomped over to me, wearing an "evening" gown and clear, plastic dress up heels. She laid her head on my lap and begged for lunch. Poor starving girl! Of course I will feed you, child who ate less than 3 hours ago!

The following is what occurred:

Me (internal dialogue): Lunch, okay, to the fridge for the cheese..and...oh, hey! My white board is empty. Isn't there something that belongs on there? Sure, yeah, gallon sized baggies. Oh, and I forgot to write down the dinner plans for each day this week. I can just do that now! I love the way this pen writes. Don't I have a bunch of other colors, somewhere? Okay, so quiche for Thursday, but oh, no wait, we changed our plans, so we will have to change it out with Friday and then, oh shoot, what are we doing for the weekend? Oh right we have that party, so we will all be doing THAT........

Girl: "Mom? Moooooom?? MOM!!! No! I. WANT. LUNCH."

Two years old and this girl already knows her mom is easily lost.


  1. Or, Mom is planning for the next big adventure.

  2. FRIDAY IS DINNER WITH JMS - just a reminder for your board!!!

  3. I think my intern and Brea should get together. Josh is forever reminding me how disorganized I am, especially when he tidies his workspace two to three times a day and I tidy mine...well, whenever I know Josh will want to use it. You see, I get lost in doing something much more interesting than cleaning. Like making wedding plans?

    BTW, Brea is much cuter than Josh.

  4. Ugh, I totally know, sometimes I loose Kate's little voice as I'm pondering, and have to force myself back before the horrendous whining starts in ;) Attention, child? Oh, right.


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