Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Place I Am

This picture seems to capture the basics of what is going on in our neck of the, um, subdivision.

Since kids grow like weeds, they get a new wardrobe every season (lucky!). While shopping, we came across Jesse's hat. He was smitten at first glance and I was feeling impracticable (as later evidenced in my buying sparkly silver shoes for Brea). We also found some super cheap doggie sweaters for our pup, Trillian. Who is small enough to dress in sweaters, cuddle and move anywhere you want without her being able to exert an opinion. Yay! Fun AND easy!

And Brea? Well, she recently outgrew her car seat and now travels in a booster seat. The first thing she did for her inaugural drive was to watch the traffic out the back windows. She had never been able to see that far back while moving and found it fascinating.

I am amazed every day how grown up my kids are becoming. Jesse is mature, responsible, brilliant and dang funny. While Brea is ever the happy, non-stop ball of curiosity who cries during the sad parts of movies.

And I have lots of grey hairs. I don't know if they are related...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


A few weeks ago Dustin and the kids were desperate for a trip to the river. I was feeling not-so-hot, so I went but just rested in the shade of a nearby tree. However, from my vintage point I could see most of the people coming, going and playing.

I was humbled. Greatly. San Antonio has very strong family values (influenced by a 60% Hispanic population). Plus, they take full advantage of their cultural and natural destinations. This means that a society who appreciates the fuller figure is consistently flooding the water destinations. Of which there are many.

I was raised like a true white girl. I am ashamed of my cellulite, to the point of being willing to forgo amazing adventures with my family. I will cover my hips and thighs with shorts, skirts and towels all in the name of vanity. But these ladies? These ladies who are (by white girl definition) fat, they just have fun. Sure, they choose swimwear that is suitable for their stature but otherwise, THEY DON'T CARE.


I sat there watching them enjoy their families, food and nature and I was humbled. How much have I been missing in life because I thought everyone was looking at me? How often will my husband and children have to tell me I am beautiful and perfect to them, before I believe them? How long do I have to wait to have fun, too?

So, today we went to the same river. I wore just my tankini. I played with my family and had some pretty awesome adventures. And I stopped worrying about my butt. Finally.

Friday, April 30, 2010

The Ants Go Marching One by One

Every time I walk into the bathroom it is a little surprising. You see, there are hundreds of dead bodies in my bathtub. The clean up alone is killer! (ba-dump)

Seriously, a few weeks ago we had our house diagnosed with acrobat ants. And the bug person came out to take care of them. Now, I don't know why they are called "Acrobat Ants" but I am unimpressed. They seem to be a one trick pony and their trick consists of a pilgrimage to my bathroom to die. Oh sure, I find the occasional living one on the wall, sink or my arm but mostly they are dead. Tiny corpses in the bathtub, shower or on the floor. I can't even figure out WHERE a lot of them are coming from! Maybe that is the real trick?


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Happy Place I Live

I am going to pretend that the lapse of writing these past (many) months didn't happen. Instead, I am going push through and continue. Especially since I still think in blog posts. It is a lot more rewarding to get those thoughts down than allow them to meander through the brain while you are supposed to be sleeping.

So, yes, I am saying I hope my sleep improves. But I digress.

Big changes in brief:
- Husband got an opportunity to be the digital guru/assistant director for a movie. A REAL MOVIE.
- We moved to San Antonio, TX.
- My parents moved into our "old" house.
- I gave my cat to my best friend.
- I drink more Starbucks coffee.

Currently, Dustin is out of town scouting locations (HE'S MAKING A MOVIE!!!!!!) in Michigan. He will return tomorrow but in the mean time, I had the opportunity to watch a "girly" movie I have been wanting to see for some time: Julie and Julia.

Since moving, I have been less than enthusiastic about cooking. My new kitchen is.......smaller. By like, half, at least. I have done a lot of complaining but that kitchen is still smaller. It seems it doesn't want to change it's selfish ways. Regardless, I watched this movie tonight and thought about how lovely it would be to know how to make a truly good beurre blanc (white butter sauce). I had one once, in New York, that would make you weep with wonder. I must make this. Also, a life goal is to make amazing chicken. AMAZING. The kind people sigh over. And bread. I am terrified of bread but I yearn to create crusty bits of heaven.

So, okay it is a movie, but it is supposed to depict this woman's life. She lived with a tiny kitchen and she boned a duck
in her living room. So, surely I can figure out a simple butter sauce, chicken and bread, right? I mean, I have SO MUCH TIME and access to amazing ingredients, now that we have moved.

No, I don't want to go through Julia Child's French cook book. Though, I would like to have it for reference and to make some of the items. But I also love Indian food. Mexican food. Greek food. And the ever popular Food food.

I just wonder if I give myself the opportunity, could I be a truly gifted cook? I am not so much a baker (though, I love baked goods!) but cooking comes naturally and I crave the hand crafted meal. Even better if I made it myself.

Anyway, these are just late night thoughts. Wanted to get them out so I could, you know, sleep.