Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Happy Place I Live

I am going to pretend that the lapse of writing these past (many) months didn't happen. Instead, I am going push through and continue. Especially since I still think in blog posts. It is a lot more rewarding to get those thoughts down than allow them to meander through the brain while you are supposed to be sleeping.

So, yes, I am saying I hope my sleep improves. But I digress.

Big changes in brief:
- Husband got an opportunity to be the digital guru/assistant director for a movie. A REAL MOVIE.
- We moved to San Antonio, TX.
- My parents moved into our "old" house.
- I gave my cat to my best friend.
- I drink more Starbucks coffee.

Currently, Dustin is out of town scouting locations (HE'S MAKING A MOVIE!!!!!!) in Michigan. He will return tomorrow but in the mean time, I had the opportunity to watch a "girly" movie I have been wanting to see for some time: Julie and Julia.

Since moving, I have been less than enthusiastic about cooking. My new kitchen is.......smaller. By like, half, at least. I have done a lot of complaining but that kitchen is still smaller. It seems it doesn't want to change it's selfish ways. Regardless, I watched this movie tonight and thought about how lovely it would be to know how to make a truly good beurre blanc (white butter sauce). I had one once, in New York, that would make you weep with wonder. I must make this. Also, a life goal is to make amazing chicken. AMAZING. The kind people sigh over. And bread. I am terrified of bread but I yearn to create crusty bits of heaven.

So, okay it is a movie, but it is supposed to depict this woman's life. She lived with a tiny kitchen and she boned a duck
in her living room. So, surely I can figure out a simple butter sauce, chicken and bread, right? I mean, I have SO MUCH TIME and access to amazing ingredients, now that we have moved.

No, I don't want to go through Julia Child's French cook book. Though, I would like to have it for reference and to make some of the items. But I also love Indian food. Mexican food. Greek food. And the ever popular Food food.

I just wonder if I give myself the opportunity, could I be a truly gifted cook? I am not so much a baker (though, I love baked goods!) but cooking comes naturally and I crave the hand crafted meal. Even better if I made it myself.

Anyway, these are just late night thoughts. Wanted to get them out so I could, you know, sleep.

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