Monday, July 2, 2012

Return of the ...uh.... Blogger

Huh, almost a year since my last post. Ima call that a record and BE PROUD!
So, I'm coming back to this here blog, because the life changes have been SO big that I need an outlet and a way for my loved ones to keep up with us. Mostly my mom, who just moved 1851 miles away. That's ridiculously far, by the way.

I don't do good with recaps on my life so, you get a bullet list. I'm good at those.

- Moved back to our house.

- Started a visual effects company.

- Dustin's mom was diagnosed with cervical cancer, stage 3b, and begins treatment.

- Dustin left to work on Mickey Matson, in Michigan, for 5 weeks.

- I went to Fantastic Fest (BY MYSELF!!!) for 10 days in Austin.

- Mickey Matson took over our lives and we attempted to figure out how to be a family, run a business, homeschool and also have fun.

- Dustin and I went to LA for 10 days, for Mickey Matson stuff.

- Dustin's mom has more cancer and starts more intense treatments.

- I broke my toe.

- We all had birthdays. It was.....intense.....

- We took the kids on their first flight, to Michigan, for the premiere of Mickey Matson.

- My brother Nick got married.

-We got cats.

- My parents moved to Washington state.

- I've fallen in love with making movies.

Busy suddenly feels like an understatement!