Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Place I Am

This picture seems to capture the basics of what is going on in our neck of the, um, subdivision.

Since kids grow like weeds, they get a new wardrobe every season (lucky!). While shopping, we came across Jesse's hat. He was smitten at first glance and I was feeling impracticable (as later evidenced in my buying sparkly silver shoes for Brea). We also found some super cheap doggie sweaters for our pup, Trillian. Who is small enough to dress in sweaters, cuddle and move anywhere you want without her being able to exert an opinion. Yay! Fun AND easy!

And Brea? Well, she recently outgrew her car seat and now travels in a booster seat. The first thing she did for her inaugural drive was to watch the traffic out the back windows. She had never been able to see that far back while moving and found it fascinating.

I am amazed every day how grown up my kids are becoming. Jesse is mature, responsible, brilliant and dang funny. While Brea is ever the happy, non-stop ball of curiosity who cries during the sad parts of movies.

And I have lots of grey hairs. I don't know if they are related...