Monday, April 11, 2011

The Examiner can Examine THIS!

So, while poking around on Monster, I found a "job opportunity" involving writing for a website. They had an opening for Girl Gamer. Ooooh, pretty! So, I applied, got accepted and wrote my first article on the always lovable ToonTown. The first one had to be approved and I waited with bated breath but shouldn't have worried. My reviewer sent an email straight away saying I was published, good job and get another one out there in a couple of days.


Article number two was destined to be a review on Rift, thanks to a freebie, weekend shindig was handing out. That game is, well, not my favorite. It is a great game but just so much like WoW that I don't really see the need on a personal level. I wrote the article, posted it and went about my day.

A few hours later I get an email telling me that my article isn't locally relevant. Um, yeah..... Games are really hard to make locally relevant since they are, you know NOT. This means I will be dropped as a contributer if I don't make my content local enough.

I don't really know how the heck this is supposed to happen. Maybe something like: "So, I was playing LoTR online in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS..." Does that count? Probably not.

Bah. I really was getting into the whole thing, too! Mostly I think I will just tell them I am heading out and why. It seems very silly for them to have a local examiner for something that is so very not local. Like, at all. Or at least for San Antonio. Maybe if I lived in LA and I could be all, "So I was hanging out at this rad Blizzard party...."

I DID look at other websites to see about writing for them. You know, real gaming sites. But none are hiring currently and I'm not sure I am nerdy enough for them. I AM SO INTIMIDATED RIGHT NOW!!!

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