Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Addicted to Elimination

My daughter, Brea, is going to be 3 in April. That is very close, you know. She and I do a "Mommy and Me" gymnastics class once a week, however, when she turns 3 she will be able to move up to the Big Girl Class. Where they begin to learn actual gymnastics stuff! The only clincher is that the kids have to be potty trained to attend. Huh. That is a problem since she refuses to do the potty thing. We have tried bribing (with money, candy, toys), we have tried practicing and we have tried letting her do it in her time (which was looking like 15 years old).

So we decided to try the "One Day Potty Training" technique. I hyped it up as the ALL DAY POTTY PARTY!!!! w00t!! We did decide to give her a full weekend of family attention, in the hope that she would get 'er done. We had some party paraphernalia (including bazooka things, special cups and a medal for her). Every time she successfully used the potty she got a sticker on the chart (special stickers for poop because it is, you know, special) and we all blew our bazooka things. When she got ten stickers (total, not in one day) she earned a toy (read: educational game) I bought for the very purpose of "Potty Encouragement".

It really did take the whole family, since she is a little attention whore (she gets that from her mommy) and a few accidents to prove that we knew what we were talking about. But really? She is golden! We have just celebrated 2 weeks diaper free and we love it!

The other day she was sitting on the pot and she looked up at me all happy, full of little person life and proclaimed, "Pooping is fun!"

These are the milestones of motherhood.

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  1. TMI. No, seriously, I'm happy for you. Isn't it great to be diaper free!


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