Thursday, February 26, 2009

The pursuit of...

I think that everyone, their dog and their grandma's dog has seen this video.

The thing is that this guy is SO right! When we lost power recently, we were out of our house for 7 days. Thankfully we were able to stay at my parent's house and be safe. We were reminded of how very spoiled we are and it was a little embarrassing! We couldn't stay in the house because it was cold! And there was no running water! And what would we do all day? And what would we eat? And we would have to keep the fire going all night! whah!

I love the opportunities we have in this part of history. I love computers, the internet, gaming, cars and my Wii. I really don't want to take them for granted but I really, REALLY don't want my kids to be those "noncontributing zeros" of the world. Who think they deserve something because it exists.

My goal is to remember where we came from and why right here, right now is so special - then pass it on.

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  1. I loved that video. It made me feel kinda bad, though, because I've been having internet issues and my cable internet is about as slow right now as dial-up. I feel like a non-contributing zero for all the whining I've done about it.

    But it's still slow. :0

    BTW, don't worry too much about your kids being non-contributing zeroes. They are amazing, and you are a great mom (and your hubby is ok...I guess) and they already are and will continue to be such amazing people.


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