Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another One about Cleaning

One might think that I was obsessed with cleaning these days. And one would be right in that assumption! With the spring weather FINALLY showing up, I have been chomping at the bit to declutter (which is one of my shticks, so that you know). Saturday, I spent most of the afternoon hauling stuff out of cupboards, closets and bookshelves. There really isn't that much "stuff" but there was enough. I tossed the garbage and am donating the rest to Helping Hands.

I wish I had taken pictures. There was quite a bit of trash (mostly boxes) and clothes (mostly kids). Dustin and I are to the point that we really only want enough. Not a lot of extra. In clothing, for example, we would like 8 days worth of clothing and a few special pieces. I do double duty with a lot of my shirts by adding a fitted long sleeve shirt under my regular shirts, when it gets cold. Yeah, I sometimes look like a college student but honestly, that is who I am. Not a college student but not the traditional "Mom Type". I feel young and it shows (or at least that is what I tell myself).

So, after an afternoon of work, the bathroom cabinets (3 of them), the kitchen cabinets and the bookcases look wonderful. Also the master closet. And the playroom. And the kid's closet. And the spare room closet. SEE!! I told you this was an obsession!

But I do love me a good declutter session. We do it semi-annually, not like planned, but like, "Hey, there is crap in here and I don't like it!" And then we declutter. I use the Flylady wisdom of "Do I love it? Do I need it?" And I actually use another, "Does it bring me guilt?" If something brings me guilt or makes me feel bad, why would I keep that around? Everything from clothes, books, unfinished projects and business paraphernalia. Most of them are gifts, things I have out of obligation (another form a guilt, fyi) and stuff I just stopped liking.

I encourage every person I come in contact with (if the subject arises) to declutter. I love knowing there is nothing waiting for me. Nothing ready to "rat" me out as not being as clean or happy as I seem to be. In my quest to enjoy my life fully (see my tag line) I have found that all parts of your life need to be considered. Sure, you need to enjoy time with the kids, find joy in keeping a clean house and make happy yet healthy meals for the fam. But I don't think you are going to be as successful with these things if you don't take care of the things that secretly eat away at your confidence.

Once upon a time, I had a very difficult time cleaning my home and finding joy in being the "homemaker" my family needed. But I also had boxes and BOXES of stuff in my home. For years we moved around with all this crap and it just ate away at me. I never felt like I could catch up, that no matter how hard I worked, there was always something else for me to do. So if I wanted to do anything for me, I felt guilty, believing I didn't deserve the time because there was SO much still undone.

Sure, I am still working on that joy in cleaning and the happy/healthy meals but I also take guilt free time for me and it shows. My family gets the quality attention they deserve and I rarely feel like I am drowning in a sea of guilt and obligation. And if it gets to that point, we do something about it STAT!

Guilt is a soul eater. It is a weed in the garden of your life. Pull it out and burn it - or just do like I do and donate it to a good cause!

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  1. You would be welcome to help me declutter my home at any time. Of course, tonight I am just working on decluttering under my fingernails as we processed one and three quarters of a cow today. But seriously, at some point I am in need of a good decluttering.


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