Monday, May 4, 2009

Save Mar

Well, I have a little Do Goodery for anyone who is interested! Dustin works with a guy named Mar. He is from the Philippians, went to school here in Arkansas and worked in New York (I am told) before returning to AR and joining the RockFish team. But now, America is not going to renew his work visa! This makes us all sad and we want to help!
You can:
1) Electronically sign a petition.

2) Write to your senators/representatives requesting they hand over the goods! ....I mean visa.

3) SHARE!! With everyone you know. Even the grouchy ones! Because a grouchy voice is still a voice!

I will keep you all posted!

Mar's website is up and running. He has a video and I am proud to say, most of the footage is at MY house! That is right, that gorgeous scenery is mine!


  1. yeah, so i googled pearl berries and ended up on a pokemon site. hrm.


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