Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good News!

Aside from the fact that today is a Saturday, I don't have ANY PLANS WHATSOEVER and Dustin can't mow the lawn because the lawn mower is out of comission for the time, today is a good day because we don't have a mouse in this house anymore! w00t!

We tried traps in the laundry room (the entry point) but, infuriatingly, I think the little bugger found shelter in the house and stopped using his old haunt. I did a daily clean up of poos found and discovered that with predictable rodent regularity he hit up the base of the trashcan. So we set a trap there and had wild success!

Okay, maybe not wild because that would entail a whole mouse family, found in one trap, each holding a fifty dollar bill in his dead little jaw. So we had good success.

I really hate the mouse in the house conundrum. You don't know what is safe and you feel like everything is dirty. When I discovered that two nights in a row it came by my side of the bed, I felt betrayed by the safety of my bedroom.

And then there is the guilt with setting the trap. You hope there is no suffering but feel that some justice is necessary. Plus, what if one explodes? I mean I know that is something right out of an Urban Legend but what if??

We are taking measures to keep this from happening again but (in my opinion) the best measure would be a good cat. Won't you join me in convincing Dustin of the same? Please?

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  1. The poison works wonders... We had several mice get into our garage - but we haven't seen evidence of another in over a year because of the lovely green brick of poison... :) That or a cat. But I would suspect for the cat's safety, maybe one or the other.... :)


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