Thursday, December 11, 2008

Death by Christmas

I have always loved Christmas. But then I was always the supporting role. The one who helped set up the tree and decorations and then helped take it down. Helped with cooking. Helped with eating. Helped with shopping and then wrapping.

But not now. Now I am the mom and I am responsible for the family's Christmas Cheer. You would think that since my son is 7.5 years old that I would be used to this but really we haven't had a "normal" year, ever. Not a single year where it is just us and the kid(s). Where we aren't expected to make people happy or people aren't visiting or we aren't traveling *shudders*. This would be, in fact, our first real Christmas as a family. And if I had my way, there would be no trees and just some yummy cookies and gifts (because those are easy! and fun!).

How does one get to the point where they are wondering what the very smallest number of days is required for the Christmas tree? I don't even want to pull out my Christmas music and that is weird. Once upon a time my husband actually had to make a rule that I wasn't allowed to pull out the Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. Christmas cards? Count yourself lucky if you get one from me because Scrooge has taken over, my friend! Once I was little like Walmart: Christmas was fair game after Halloween (well, I did have the common decency to wait for Thanksgiving but it was not a patient wait).

I could argue that now, since I am responsible for EVERYTHING, I am feeling overwhelmed. But I think that would be a cop-out. I think mostly I just want summer back and so I am protesting the season. Ice? Freezing rain? lumpy jackets? The only good things about cold weather are: fires in the fireplace (they are less fun out of the fireplace), sweaters (the soft ones, not those scratchy torture devices) and scarves (my new love). Other than that? Okay, maybe snow. I will concede on that one. But other than THAT? blech.

With ALLLLLL of that in mind I have made a decision: Christmas will not be about the lights, gifts and pleasing people. It will be about the time I get my family all to myself. It will be about watching the kids' wonder at the lighted tree. It will be about the bounty, abilities and grace we are blessed with. And it may, in fact, include a vast number of cookies.

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  1. That was the idea for our Christmas this year. I was kind of excited. Then both of my divorced parents invited themselves. It took me days to concede to one coming. And it came complete with guilt from the other one. I just want a quiet Christmas. I want a non-commercial Christmas. I want to start traditions that our kids will remember.


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