Sunday, December 7, 2008

Flow it, show it

Ever since I moved to Northwest Arkansas, I have had the worst problems with dry skin. You would think that since I was born and raised in Las Vegas (an honest to goodness desert) a nice humid place like the Ozarks would be so refreshing. Like lotion in the air. Yet every winter my knuckles crack and bleed, my hands look like I am shedding my reptilian skin and my scalp goes itchy. The itchy factor isn't like, "Ooo! Little itch!". It is more like, "DEAR GOD! IS THERE A COLONY OF LICE UP THERE???" And every year I have someone check, just to be sure. And every year some smart aleck says, "Do you think you have dandruff?" To which I scoff, turn to the uninspired observer and commence killing them with my eyes. Tragically, I have lost a couple of good hair checkers to this ability.

I don't have any flakes. I just have a very dry scalp. Dandruff by (my) definition is the presence of skin flakes in your hair due to dryness. And it is that last part that made me look closer. I have always believed that basic dandruff people have dry scalps and their heads are more resembling a desert with dunes,
in that there is all this loose sand and when the wind blows you go, "AUGH! SAND IN MY EYES!"

Whereas my head is dry but there is absolutely nothing to blow around. More like the dry cracked desert
with it's dead, life sucking neediness. It is surprising the me that my head even supports hair.

It finally hit me that they are, in fact, both deserts. Huh. So maybe you would just say, I have desert head and should do what all other people with desert head do. Plus, on the commercials they are always so pretty and seem so happy. This leads me to believe that, really, I can't go wrong!

With this uplifting new attitude, I went and bought me some fancy Head and Shoulders (that does NOT smell like a nursing home!) and now I am itch free, gorgeous, and making millions. You should try it!

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