Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ripley's Find

This is my dog Ripley.

I haven't told you much about her because that is life. But she is an entertaining mutt and we plan to keep her around for the long haul.

Ripley has this lovely (read: life threatening) habit of bringing things up on our front deck. Small children have been know to comment on the condition of our deck ("Messy!"). She clutters it with sticks, rocks and most importantly odd/gross items. It is these in the last category that I will exploit. With regularity, is the hope.

This week, we found something unidentifiable. At first I thought it was going to be part of an animal (say a grottee chewed up ear) but upon investigation, I discovered that it is probably a piece of plastic something-or-rather from a recent burn Dustin did. Regardless, it looks questionable.

Be grateful it isn't the rotted armadillo foot. That thing was straight from a horror movie!

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  1. From the picture, it does kinda look like fur... But I will believe you that it's plastic. When I was growing up, our dogs would bring junk like that into the yard all the time; things like cows' feet were common, especially after butchering. Of course, young me would pick them up and take the to show and tell! Because cow tongue is an appropriate show and tell thing for a kindergarten class! Thanks, Mom, for marking me as the weird one early on in life.

    BTW, I LOVE YOUR DOG!!! WE CAN BE FRIENDS!!! *collapse*


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